Angelo Roccagli
With his photomanipulations Angelo Roccagli creates landscapes of worlds and souls in ruins. Falling cities and desperate human beings emerge with defined details and vivid colours among strong, grunge textures. His art is a cruel look upon an imaginary catastrophic future.

Valentina GelsoNero Mangieri
Monochrome originates from the need to digitally project dreams, thoughts and perceptions. The work of V.M. captures the reality that surround us in a surreal key and transports it in settings and atmospheres recalling gone epoques.

Beatriz Mutelet
Beatriz Mutelet / Thoughts of shades is a French illustrator who gives birth to beautiful ladies with an intriguing yet delicate sinister aspect.
Made using mostly graphite, pencil and ink, with the addition of precious gold leaf or color details, these ladies will seduce you from the first glance.

Eva Van Oosten
The pictures of Eva van Oosten are a step into a mysterious world made of dark dreams, where shadow and light dance with each other. Using mostly natural light, Eva tells stories with her images permeated by a delicate tension between beauty and decay, romance and obscurity.

No Faith Visuals
No Faith Visuals / Federico Salvador works along the subtle border between beauty and obscurity. Using photo manipulation he hides what is usually a beautiful subject behind curtains of grunge, yet delicate patterns and textures. As to remind that beauty is not always obvious yet present.

Sphæra / Helena Perminger creates dark occult inspired jewels embracing the unbalance of nature's imperfections. At the heart of her creations are animal remains, driftwood, minerals; all materials that, with their intrinsic imperfections, make every jewel a unique piece.

Paulegu is a full-time dreamer and Lithuania based illustrator & graphic designer. Working predominantly in graphite she creates realistic and psychedelic drawings full of dark and hypnotic visions.

Corpus Vertebrae
Through her lens, Corpus Vertebrae, inspects human scars and fears. With her beautifully decadent black and white pictures she delves deeper into every soul, starting with her own.

Ana Mar
Ana Mar is the name behind some of the most dark, mystic and a someway abstract art pieces you can stumble upon on Instagram. Using digital edited pictures, she creates lovely obscure images, enclosing her emotions, fears, dreams and desires.

Turi Avola
Turi Avola is a photographer whose peculiarity is to represent women in surrealistic and dreamy contests. He's working a Black and White photo session projects, where he has the intent to analyze the multiple game of personality that is living inside each one of us; the interior fight and our EGO!